Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to Thomas A. Bunner, DDS. We feel it is very important that you understand what information we receive from you while visiting our website and how this information will be used.

Data Collection
When browsing our website, we collect a very minimal amount of data in order to allow our developers to continue to improve your experience while visiting our website. Your web browser submits this information to our servers and is collected for use by our internal marketing and website staff. The following information may be collected during your visit to

  • IP Addresses – The numeric IP address (an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you access the internet). Your IP address acts like a physical address for your computer allowing your computer and our server to recognize one another and communicate. We collect IP address information so that we can gather information about how our website is being used and who is using it. We do not associate your IP address with any records that contain personal information to maintain your anonymity. We will use IP address information to personally identify an individual when required to do so by law.
  • Browsers – The type of browser and operating system being used to access our website.
  • Date & Time – The date and time that you visit our website as well as the duration of your visit.
  • Pages – The pages that you visit, including the graphics loaded on each page, documents you download (such as PDF (Portable Document Format) files as well as the links you visit within our website.
  • Referrals – The IP address and link information from any referring website that brings you to our website.

Use of Cookies
“Cookies” are small pieces of information that some websites store on your computer’s hard drive when you visit them. Like many other websites, may use cookies to provide us with information on how you are interacting with our website, or other temporary cookies when submitting information or completing transactions on our website.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies from websites, however you can modify your browsers security settings to allow you to control which websites can place cookies at your discretion. Our website will function at it’s best when you have cookies and javascript enabled. If you disable these features some sections of our website may not function properly.

External Links
This website may contain external links to third party companies and their websites. We do not monitor or guarantee the privacy policies of any third party companies. When visiting another website, you are subject to the privacy policy of that website.

Protecting your privacy
Once your data reaches our servers, your data is securely stored by state-of-the-art security software. The information collected during your visit is only available to our website administrators and will not be shared with any unauthorized individuals.

Child Protection
This website is not directed to children under 13, and does not willingly collect information from children. This website contains educational images and videos that can be graphic in nature and may be offensive to some children We encourage parents and teachers to monitor the internet explorations of children. Some of the images and videos used on this website can be graphic in nature and may be offensive to some children.

E-mail communications that you send to us via any e-mail links or contact forms on this website may be shared with our internal customer service representatives, employees, staff, or dental experts that is best equipped to answer your questions or address your concerns. We try to address all e-mail contacts in a timely manner once we successfully receive your communication. One we respond to your communication, we may delete or archive your correspondence depending on the nature of your inquiry.

The e-mail functionality on our website, whether an email link or contact form, does not provide a completely secure and confidential means of communication. It is possible that your correspondence may be accessed or view by another internet user while in transit to us. We encourage our website users to communicate confidential or private information to us via telephone, personal visit, or direct mail.

Changes to this Policy
From time-to-time we update this Privacy Policy. This policy was last revised 04/11/2011. If any substantial changes to this policy occur, website users will be notified by a message on our website pages. This is a statement of policy and should not be interpreted as a contract of any kind.

Contact Information
If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or complaints about this privacy policy, please contact our privacy coordinator:

Privacy Officer
9417 St. Joe Center Rd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46835